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About Us


Our Firm

Mustard Seed Financial is a Wealth Management Firm founded and led by Brian Burks for over 21 years. We are an Independent Fiduciary Investment Advisory firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve their unique financial goals. Our independent open-architecture organizational structure allows us to provide investments recommendation best suited for our clients' unique situations, and to look out for our clients' best interest overtime. We never set-it-forget-it, rather we adjust our clients' allocations over-time as economic conditions change, and our clients' financial goals evolve.

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Investment Management

Guiding Your Financial Journey Towards Prosperity and Peace of Mind.

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Tax- Free 1031 Exchanges

Seamless Transitions, Limitless Opportunities: Empowering Your 1031 Exchange with Premier DST Solutions.

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Opportunity Zones

Unlocking Potential, Maximizing Opportunity: Your Pathway to Success with Opportunity Zones.

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What We Do

Champion Your Interests
We work for you and not for corporate shareholders. For 21+ years we have actively worked to reduce investors’ conflicts of interest and align our interests with our clients.
Listen Closely
No two investors are alike and we appreciate that. We will take the time to understand your unique situation and uncover the financial solutions you are comfortable considering.
A Variety of Options
Help you reach and exceed your goals through the appropriate investment vehicles.
Ongoing Service
Your Peace of Mind is a top priority for us. We remain your advisor for continuing service.

Our Team

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Our Advice is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients!

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