About Us

Our Firm
Musard Seed Financial is a Regisered Invesment Advisor (RIA) frm.
As an RIA we are bound to a fiduciary standard that was esablished as part of the Invesment Advisors Act of 1940.
By acknowledging our Fiduciary resposibilities and duty, we are held to a higher standard than a typical 'stock broker'
or 'registered representative' and must:
1. Put our client's interests first,
2. Act with utmost good faith,
3. Provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts,
4. Not mislead clients, and
5. Expose all conficts of interest to clients

In order to meet this requirment, we have structured our firm to be:
1. Independent: Our independence helps us to reduce any conficts of interets that are often seen in the industry when an RIA is affiliated with a Broker/Dealer.
2. Provide advice not products: Our "product" is advice, aligning our business with our clients goals.
3. Open Architecture: we are not limited by a Broker/Dealer to what solutions we cann present to our clients.
4. Independent, Third-party Custodians: To protect our clients, we feel it is important to have a 3rd party maintain actual custody of client assets. While we provide performance reporting and account balance information to our clients, they also recieve seperate account statements directly from the custodians.